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Wellion GALILEO GLU/KET - Glucose and ketone testing with just one device

Glucose and ketone testing with just one device 
- for safe prevention of diabetic ketoacidosis
Blood glucose testing represents a daily routine for diabetics. At high blood glucose levels it is also of utmost importance to test ketones in blood at the same time. Glucose is the main source of energy for the body. But glucose can only be metabolized into energy if sufficient insulin is present for that purpose. If insulin is missing the body has to use fatty acids as an alternative source of energy  –  during this process ketones are formed which can lead in high concentration to the life-threatening ketoacidosis.
When facing high blood glucose levels it should be routine for every diabetic also to measure the ketone level in blood in order to prevent the development of a diabetic ketoacidosis in time.  The Wellion GALILEO GLU-KET offers the option to test both parameters easy and quick. Use the appropriate teststrip to test either glucose or ketones – no coding is required, the device detects automatically which teststrip is used.
The display screen of the Wellion GALILEO GLU-KET is perfectly legible due to a permanent backlight and big digits. An illuminated teststrip port enables testing also in dim surroundings. (e.g. in the cinema or the theatre).
The Wellion GALILEO GLU-KET is also available with an eject button for highest hygienic requirements like in a clinical setting or a nursery home.

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