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Wellion CALLA Light – perfection meets design

Modern design & simple handling

The handy, special shape, a display perfect to read, the non-slip surface and some practical additional features make life with diabetes easier.
For the first time average values of 1, 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days can be displayed. Patients and Health care professionals can evaluate blood sugar levels much more accurate.
Users can set up to 3 different alarm times as a reminder for blood sugar testing. Additionally patients can set blood sugar limits – all results exceeding these limits are marked on the display. This alarm at hypo or hyperglycaemic results increases the sensibility of detection and ensures that the patient undertakes the right steps to treat his condition.
The memory of the Wellion CALLA Light Blood glucose meter includes the last 500 results with date and time which can easily be accessed by means of the arrow buttons.
Due to the strong backlight and big digits results can be easily read from the display. This extraordinary legibility means a big help in daily life of diabetics.

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