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As providing 9,3 kcal per gram fat is the nutrient with the highest content of energy. Intake of too much fat will make you fat – but it depends not only on the amount of fat but also on the quality. Prefer fats of herbal provenience and reduce the intake of animal fat.
Normally daily fat intake consists of the following:

  • Max. 20g butter or margarine
  • 20g high quality oils (from olives, rapeseed, sunflower seed or corn) for cooking or salads
  • 30 – 40g hidden fats (in meat, sausage, cheese, milk products, sweets, chips,…)

Therefore especially overweighed diabetics should reduce the daily intake of fat – only 30% of the daily energy should come from fat. Doing so people can dramatically reduce the amount of uptaken calories.
Weight loss improves the metabolic condition and leads to a better effect of insulin.

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