Wellion GALILEO GLU/KET BTE glucose and ketone measuring


Transfer and manage data via Bluetooth using an app - for your personal diabetes management

Hyperwarning / Ketoacidosis Perception threshold
For people with diabetes, blood glucose monitoring is a daily routine. Glucose/ blood sugar is the main supplier of energy in the body. With the Wellion GALILEO GLU/KET BTE meter you can now measure your blood glucose and ketones and transmit them via Bluetooth. Manage your data via the Wellion App - for your personal diabetes management. The Wellion App is available for download in the Google Play Store (and soon also in the Apple App Store).
Simply insert the Wellion GALILEO blood glucose test strip into the illuminated test strip slot. The meter automatically activates to draw in the drop of blood at the tip of the test strip. After coutdown, the Wellion GALILEO blood glucose meter shows the current value in large digits on the backlit display.
The body can only use glucose for energy if there is sufficient insulin available at the same time. If this is lacking, the body has to resort to fatty acids as an alternative energy source - this produces ketones, which in high concentrations can lead to life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis. Therefore, when blood sugar levels are high, the ketone level in the blood should also be measured in order to be able to prevent the development of diabetic ketoacidosis in time.
Hyperwarning / Ketoacidosis Perception threshold
The hyperalarm limit is optimal to help you detect a risk for ketoacidosis in time. If your meter displays a hyperalarm at the same time as your glucose reading, it is recommended that you take a ketone reading.
You can perform a ketone measurement directly with your Wellion GALILEO GLU/KET BTE meter and a Wellion GALILEO Ketone Test Strip. These are individually packaged, so you can always carry one or two in your instrument bag and be prepared for use on the road. No coding is necessary, the device automatically recognizes which test strip is used.
The Wellion GALILEO GLU/KET BTE blood glucose meters exceed all criteria of the new EN ISO 15197:2015.
The study "System accuracy asessments with a blood glucose meter with comined glucose and ß-hydroxybutyrate measurement capabilities" shows the high accuracy of ± 10% of Wellion GALILEO meters in glucose measurements.
The Wellion GALILEO GLU/KET BTE meter can also be a reliable companion when you want to measure your ketone levels as part of a ketogenic diet. Simply measure with just a drop of blood from your fingertip (as simple as measuring blood glucose). 
The Wellion GALILEO GLU/KET BTE blood glucose meter is used with the Wellion GALILEO Blood Sugar Teststrips and the Wellion GALILEO Ketone Teststrips.

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